Living Life Untamed

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Untamed Bucket List
1. Work in a celebrity lounge
 2. Go Skydiving
 3. Shoot a gun/ go to shooting range
 4.Visit the world's biggest mall
 5.Go to a Playboy party and meet Hugh Hefner
 6.Go to the Gravity Plane in Vegas
 7.Swim in the ocean
 8.Ride in a hot air balloon
 9.Be in a movie
 10.Go on a cruise
 11.Hike 5 new trails
 12.Do a photo shoot in front of the Hollywood sign
 13.Go snorkeling or scuba diving
 14.Try a dish from every culture of the world
 15.Get published in a magazine
 16.Ride a horse
 17.Learn to surf
 18.Learn 5 stunting basics
 19.See the inside of a tank
 20.Go to hobbitville
 21.Cliff dive
 22.Ride a zip line in Nevada
 23.Swim with dolphins
 24.Go rock climbing
 25.Ride in a submarine
 26.Get a tattoo
 27.Take pictures with a wild animal
 28.Party with Jay Z
 29.Choreograph a  music video
 30.Get tickets to the Superbowl
 31.Start an underground clothing line & design all the clothes
 32.Do a photo shoot with a big snake
 33.Volunteer abroad
 34.Go to a lantern festival
 35.Do public speaking
 36.Design my own shoe line
 37.Go camping/ four wheeling
 38.Go to a rodeo/ ride a mechanical bull
 39.Volunteer at an after school program
 40.Learn self defense
 41.Get great abs
 42.Do kareoke
 43.Get hypnotized
 44.Get something named after us
 45.Help someone win a contest
 46.Have a bonfire
 47.Learn survival skills
 48.Win an award
 49.Do a paranormal investigation
 50.Donate to locks of love
 51. Do yoga in front of the capitol building
 52. stay on the Queen Mary
 53. Visit the underground tunnels
 55.Sell or feature a painting in an art gallery
 56.Go on a roadtrip
 57.Write on a grain of rice
 58.stop a crime
 59.Help someone anonymously
 60.Ride the subway
 61. Ride a ferris wheel
 62.Make 100 snow angels in a row
 63.Walk on water cactus
 65. Invent a new pizza
 66.Be made into a cartoon
 67. Build a go kart
 68. Have a barbie made after me
 69. Be on a billboard
 70. Be a video game character
 71. Own a mermaid tail
 72. Sleepover in a treehouse
 73.Meet real royalty
 74.Kiss a rattlesnake
 75.Be in a parade
 76. Crowd surf/sneak backstage at a concert
 77.Don't speak for a whole day
 78.Become a licensed minister
 79. Start a secret club
 80.Challenge the guys to a pick up line contest
 86.Find buried treasure
 87.Make dinner for the local firemen
 88.Explore a myth/legend
 89. Visit a ghost town
 90. Shoot at the Salt Flats
 91. Have your fortune told/ learn to read tarot cards
 92. Go out in disguise
 94. Shoot at the ice castles
 95.Be a ring girl for the fights
 96. Go to the UP House
 97. Milk a cow
 98.Jump the wake (wakeboarding)
 99. Interview someone famous
 100. Finish this list and start another one

Cross it off the list

A big part of living Untamed is having the courage to go after your dreams no matter how big or small, without letting anything hold you back. The first step of accomplishing anything is to share your dream with others. As a team we have compiled a list of the things we would like to do on our bucket lists and we make it a priority to help each other accomplish those goals. Our team list is posted publicly so you can follow along in our adventures as we strive to complete our lists. See what's on our list, see photos of the items we have crossed off, and find links to the stories from each item on our blog. Feel free to leave your list items in the comments at the bottom of the page. Often times our fans inspire us to dream bigger.

Work in a celebrity lounge
Shoot a gun/ go to a shooting range
Party at the Playboy Mansion/Meet Hugh Hefner
Go Sky diving
Swim in the ocean

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go snorkeling or scuba diving
Interview a celebrity
Do a photo shoot in front of the Hollywood sign

Ride a horse

Get published in a magazine
Learn to surf
Go to Hobbitville
Cliff Dive
Jump the wake (wake boarding)
Fly in a helicopter

Get a tattoo

Do a paranormal investigation
Enter a beauty pageant
Take a picture with a wild animal
Be in a movie

Shoot at the ice castles

Have your fortune told

Do a shoot at the Salt Flats

Choreograph a music video

Go to a Holi festival

Ride on a bullet bike

Ride on a Ferris wheel/win an animal at a fair

Host a glow party

Visit the wax museum

Own a mermaid tail (still working on this one)

Hike 5 new trails

Invent a new pizza

Go on a road trip

Go boating

Attend a lantern festival

Do something nice for a stranger

Participate in a mud run

Get in a race car

Ride a bull (practice run)

Wake Surf


Swim with dolphins

Walk on water

Own a mermaid tail